Zombies, Run! (My review)

Today I was published on the Runner’s World website for the first time – the first time, that is, not counting comments from my shoe reviews.

My review of Zombies, Run!

As Billy Madison said, “Yahoo for school!  And yahoo for me!”

One note to the above review; I supplied two screenshots for the review, one of the homescreen of the app, and one from a mission.

Of course, I had to take a screenshot from a run where I was averaging sub 7 min/miles.  Even though they didn’t end up using that one in the review.  But, here it is, for posterity’s sake;

Yeah, that's right. 4:13 per k. Which equates to 8 hogshead to the rod.

…What is that per mile?  Freaking metric system.

Alright, I admit it, I’m a math nerd and worked it out.  6:48s.  Not too bad for someone fiddling with an iPhone.


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