Ellen Degeneres’s Ad

Quick update on my life:

Ellen Degeneres’s ad, where she complains about prices ending in .99 is driving me crazy.

Not because the complaint about 99 cents is old and a bit lame, but there’s a bit where she travels back in time, to an Olde England Shoppe, where she tries to buy a hat for 14 pounds, 99 pence.

Except she’s clearly in OLDEN TIMES, when the English didn’t have decimilized money. They had pounds and shillings and pence, and 99 pence was 141 pence short of a pound.

The worst part about the commercial, to me, is the knowledge that someone brought this very argument up in a meeting. They said it wasn’t accurate, that people would know, that it wasn’t right. That it wouldn’t be difficult to change the commercial slightly. To make it accurate, and still convey the point.

And then someone else said, “Ah, who cares!” And they made it wrong anyway, because who cares.


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