Scream 4 Micro Review

The Nano-review: 5 out of 5 stars.
The Micro-review: If you were old enough to see Scream, Scream 2 and Scream 3 in the theater without an adult accompanying you, but you were still young enough to be carded, you will enjoy Scream 4.
It has:
Wes Craven directing.
Kevin Williamson(!) writing.
The best opening scene of any movie. Name one that’s better, I dare you.
An incredibly uncomfortable amount of shared screen time between David Arquette and Courtney Cox (Arquette^H^H^H^H^H).

It does not have:

I didn’t expect to love this movie. Netflix thought I would like it three stars. It didn’t do super-well at the box office. Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) is starting to look a little… old, sadly. And the young stars look too… young, dammit! Get off my lawn, which I have to mow tonight, in my own little house in the suburbs that looks like the one that I lived in when Scream 1 came out, but now I don’t live with my parents, thank god.

However, the movie is hilarious, and keeps referencing movies that I used to watch, back when I was a kid and my whole life lay before me.

I guess that’s what gets it two additional stars?


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