Micro-Micro Review: Hunger Games (Film)

Really short Micro-Review, because I’m pressed for time.
Saw The Hunger Games in the theatres, on it’s fourth (or so) weekend.  Late enough in the box-office run for a family of five (including an infant in a stroller(!)) to feel comfortable going to see it.  I hate movie theatres and people.

Casting: Excellent, and will define how the characters look and act, in my mind.  Plus, Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket, which I didn’t realize until the credits rolled, and who made me actually like that character, who I didn’t really like in the book.

Filming: Really well done – maybe too green?  Is green in nowadays for films?

The two trouble spots I was worried about before going into the film: 1. The flaming costumes in the entrance parade were fine, and not (too) ridiculous.  2. The muttations at the end, the dogs, were ridiculous, but I think the director knew it, as he kept the scene short and mercifully dark.  Also, the whole time they were on the screen I couldn’t help but think of Rick Moranis’s line (as Louis Tulley from Ghostbusters) “Alright, who brought the dog?”

4 out of 5 screaming children who are way too young for a film about kids who kill other kids.


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