Micro Review: Species (Film)

Yes, that Species.

Species is the least sexy of the supposedly sexy movies that came out while I was an impressionable teenager who was too young to rent them.

It has a laughably implausible plot, featuring alien DNA that can interface with our own, a top secret laboratory that is guarded by an open door, a glass cage and a chain link fence, and a crack alien-hunting squad that consists of Michael Madsen, playing Michael Madsen, Forest Whitacker playing a magical black man (one who is literally magical, instead of figuratively magical as is so often the case), Alfred Molina as the nerdy scientist and Marg Helgenberger as the smart scientist.  Oh, and Sir Ben Kingsley.

The two things that really stick out, as seen from a world that has moved nearly 20 years on?

1.  The AIDS metaphor really is in your face.  Sex-as-death is the motif, with one character killed shortly after he has unprotected sex after he specifically asked about protection.

2.  Hey, the young alien is played by Michelle Williams!  When did Dawson’s Creek start?  HOLY CRAP WAS THAT DAWSON IN THE TELEVISION COMMERCIAL THAT THE ALIEN FLIPS PAST?

I am convinced that it was.

Three out of five deaths by tongue.


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