LVRR Summer Series 5K 2013 – #2

First, two quick race recaps for the Lehigh Valley Half and the LVRR SS 5K 2013 #1.

LVH – It was a warm day, too warm.  I started at the pace I wanted, but couldn’t keep up with the women in places 3-6.  I was surprised (in a bad way) to see the clock at 1:29 when I turned the corner in the stadium, but I shouldn’t have been.  The wheels just came off in the Parkway.

LVRR SS 5K #1 – The next week, I ran the first 5K of the Summer Series, with Liz and the family in attendance, and Court and Steve running.  Legs a little beat from the LVH, Brian from work put about twenty yards on me in the first half mile, then stayed 20 yards up for the rest of the time.  I ran a 19:30 or so, which was okay.  Then the rain started, and we had to have the potluck inside.

LVRR SS 5K #2 – June 5, 2013.

There’s basically one reason I’m writing this post – one memory I want to keep from the race.

This photo is from midway through the race.  About ten yards after this photo, coming down the other side of a small hill, the skinny shirtless dude sped up as I was trying to pass him.

Undaunted, I fell in behind him.  He slowed down.

I tried to swing wide and pass him.  He sped up.

I fell in behind him.  He slowed down.

I tried to pass him.  He sped up.

At this point, I was getting annoyed.  It’s one thing to be competitive and to try to run your best time at a race, or even to run to beat someone.  But trying to box out someone passing you at a local (SMALL TIME) 5K, with absolutely no prizes on the line?  I don’t know.  Maybe the kid was working on his racing strategy.

So I decided that I needed to work on my racing strategy as well.  At the base of the steepest hill on the course, I pulled wide of the kid, and leaned forward as if I was going to race past him.  He immediately took off, sprinting up the hill.  I immediately pulled back, as I will never be the best at passing anyone on an uphill.

He put ten yards on me on that hill, but I pulled even with him on the long descent.  We crossed the Robin Hood bridge together, me pushing the tempo a little bit, and by the time we dropped onto the footpath on the other side of the bridge, the kid was spent, and pulled to the side and let me pass.

I thought he might have been totally gassed, but he ended up sixth in the race overall, a decent recovery from his efforts on that hill.

I ended up fourth.


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